Episode 3: Coaching for the Entrepreneur in You with Jan Claesson from the Entrepreneur’s Source

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In this episode of Digital Connections, your host, Nancee Johnson interviews Career Ownership Coach, Jan Claesson from the Entrepreneur’s Source. Jan shares his secrets to a great coaching relationship and information on his complimentary coaching sessions that will help you determine where you’re at in your career, helping you find the career of your dreams.

Our Guest on the podcast today is Jan Claesson from the Entrepreneur’s Source.

As a Swedish university student, Jan went to the French Riviera for the summer. There he met his wife who was from Seattle. They got married in Seattle then lived in Sweden for 3 years. They moved to the US in the early 1980’s where Jan joined Eli Lilly’s medical device division. In his third role, he became country manager in France. Microsoft was his next adventure, with 700 people and around $150M at the time and 11 positions later the company was around 35,000.

The next couple of decades Jan spent in corporate roles for start-ups including gaming and wireless infrastructure, a public SAAS company, an enterprise TPA BPO technology company, and on corporate boards for more than two decades. He then consulted in corporate transformation and healthcare systems until he became a full-time coach and business owner in 2016.

Jan Claesson
(425) 246-8817

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