Episode 2: Connecting in a Digital World with Tina Mitchell from One-Time Your Business

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In this second episode of Digital Connections, your host, digital marketer, Nancee Johnson is joined by Tina Mitchell from One-Time Your Business to discuss the connections in Digital Connections. Tune in to get plugged in and help your business build strong connections with great resources from the experts who know. Tina Mitchell www.onetimeyourbusiness.com (425) 647-0205

Our Guest on the podcast today is Tina Mitchell from One-Time Your Business.

Tina Mitchell has been in the mortgage industry for 25 years and has been recognized in the top 1% Nationwide. She is highly committed to education and has designed mortgage software. Tina is the founder and owner of Mortgage Triangle Software, available to mortgage professionals throughout the country.
With Tina’s mortgage reputation in the real estate community, she can help you win when competing against other buyers’ financing. She has been awarded Partner Of The Year from Washington REALTORS, Media Of The Year from Seattle King County REALTORS, and Member Of The Year from Women’s Council of REALTORS. Tina is a radio personality and host of The Money Hour on 1150AM KKNW, Founder and Owner of TM Media Agency, a keynote speaker, coach on One-Time Your Business™, and author of Journey With Me to Personal & Professional Success.

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