Episode 10: Changing Lives through Mentorship

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Statistics show that employees are far more likely to invest in their own personal and professional growth when their company includes mentoring as part of their culture. Leadership and coaching skills grow and staff morale, performance and motivation all improve. It’s also a great indicator of how likely a company is to engage and retain staff. In this episode of Digital Connections, we talk to the folks with Global Mentorship Initiative, a non-profit providing guidance and business skills to underserved college students around the world through online mentorship. Our guests Jon Browning and Chad Fuller tell us how this unique program is changing lives for both the mentee and mentor.

Our guests on the podcast today are Jon Browning & Chad Fuller from Global Mentor Initiative

Global Mentorship Initiative is a nonprofit organization that provides guidance and business skills to underserved college students through online mentorship. GMI was created from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Initiative to help prepare students for their first career job using a training model that makes it easy to be a great mentor without a significant time commitment.

We partner with universities in 22 locations around the world with a mentorship program that includes 14 one-hour structured online sessions designed to provide real value to the student as they prepare for their job search.

Global Mentor Initiative
Jon Browning & Chad Fuller

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