Episode 11: Finding The Right Voice for Your Business

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Do you do commercials for your business? Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of voice would best represent your business and help you better your brand? In this episode of Digital Connections, Seattle-based, voice over talent extraordinaire, Joshua Alexander explains the power of hiring the right voice over talent for your business. Joshua also shares his vast knowledge around the business of being a voice over actor, and voice over as a viable business opportunity that can be the perfect for the right entrepreneur.

Our guest on the podcast today is Joshua Alexander, the Seattle Voice Actor

By his own admission, Joshua is super! Here is a guy who takes his business seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. Josh is a prolific blogger and author, maintaining “The Voice Actor Blog”: a hilarious and Dave Barry-influenced satirical look at life through the eyes of a voiceover talent, and The Super Voiceover Artist Book Trilogy.

This voiceover artist extraordinaire is no hassle, and with under an hour usual turnaround time depending on length of script, he’s hard act to beat. Joshua has excellent pricing. He has broadcast-level home studio quality, and Voiceover experience with roots back to 1993.

Contact Info:
Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voice Actor
(206) 557-6690

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