Episode 15: Let’s Blow Up the Definition of Success

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The word success and our definition of this are engineered for us from a very early age. By the time we get out into the work force, we’ve built some pretty strong feelings on the subject. But how does that definition serve us, and is it the right definition. Zovig Garboushian with Boldness Ablaze Coaching makes a living helping people define this for themselves in order to find their purpose, passion, and personal freedom. Join Zovig and your host, Nancee Johnson, as they discuss the inner critic, a comfort zone crisis, and the next steps to finding success in business and entrepreneurship.

Our guest on the podcast today is Zovig Garboushian from Boldness Ablaze Coaching.

Zovig Garboushian is a certified coach and expert in change and transitions. She’s a first-generation Armenian woman born in the US and a former New Yorker now based in Washington. She has more than 20 years of holistic, multi-disciplinary training in coaching, change management, transitions, leadership, yoga, communication, energy work, and group dynamics. Success for her is about feeling at ease in her own skin and being on her own side no matter what. She is on a mission is to help every woman show up to her life knowing she is magic and doesn’t need to prove it to anyone. Her practice, Boldness Ablaze Coaching centers around career and life coaching for powerful women who are doers and want to unlock more purpose, passion, & personal freedom so they can go after what they want boldly and unapologetically. Boldness Ablaze offers private and 1:1 coaching for women and workplace training programs that are gender-neutral, designed to help teams work better together.

Contact Info:
Zovig Garboushian
Boldness Ablaze Coaching
(917) 207-1765

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