Episode 18: Getting in on Gig

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What is the gig economy and why does it matter to you as a small business owner? In many cases, it’s because small businesses are the gig economy, or because it can be an affordable staffing solution, especially for new business owners.

The basic definition comes down to temporary, and typically flexible jobs that are commonplace positions where a company can hire independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees to fill these positions. At the moment, it’s estimated that about one-third of the working population already works in some sort of gig capacity.

Today’s guest, Lea Wold from Checkmark Projects, could be considered one of these businesses. She provides a fractional and scalable implementation for other small businesses. Her clients are tech firms and professional and financial service business owners who lack the internal resources to execute on their own. Join Lea, and your host, Nancee Johnson, for a discussion around what’s working and what doesn’t in the gig economy.

Our guest on the podcast today is Lea Wold from Checkmark Projects

Checkmark Projects provides companies with fractional and scalable implementation horsepower that allows you to easily prioritize, execute, and maintain new and existing initiatives. Their clients are tech firms, and professional and financial service small business owners who lack the internal resources to execute on their own.

In short, Checkmark Projects provides perspective, objectivity, and horsepower to find blind spots and get measurable results for your projects and initiatives.

Lea formed Checkmark Projects after grinding away for years as a Chief Operations Officer and Chief of Staff for multiple CEOs, studying ontology, and finally embracing her get-it-done ‘genius zone’.

Contact Info:

Lea Wold
Checkmark Projects
(425) 232-2487


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