Episode 20: Challenging Your Audience

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Have you ever done an online challenge? They can be game changers for some people. Helping them gain new skills, or make community connections. They help raise awareness and support for a cause. In sales and marketing, they can help you gain more clients, and then help you retain those clients. In this episode of Digital Connections, your host, Nancee Johnson, is joined by Kurt Von Ahnen of Mañana No Mas!, an expert in online challenges. With their tool, Challenge Connection, Mañana No Mas! can help you run an online challenge without all of the headaches that come with organizing, and tracking such an event. Kurt will also give you some great tips and tricks to making sure your event connects with the audience your looking for.

Our guest on the podcast today is Kurt Von Ahnen with Mañana No Mas!

Kurt Von Ahnen was raised on the east coast, outside of Philadelphia, and the product of a single-parent household, Kurt survived cancer and escaped to the West – settling in Colorado. After a few false starts and 13 years in Colorado, Kurt moved his family to New Mexico for seven years, where Mañana No Mas! was born.

Serving a group of start-ups with digital marketing, and having authored a book in the automotive industry, Mañana No Mas! found Ducati North America as its cornerstone client. That led to a decade of corporate work, with Mañana No Mas! relaunching at the beginning of 2020.

Contact Info:

Kurt Von Ahnen
Website: manananomas.com
Email: kurt@manananomas.com
Phone: (323) 418-2377


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