Episode 23: Better Business through Improved Neural Connections

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Doubt, anxiety, fear. Unfortunately, all too common among entrepreneurs and business owners. But with this negativity bias we are shut off from finding great solutions for our businesses and our clients. What if there was a way to strengthen the positive neural connections. Would this improve your business?

Join your host, Nancee Johnson, in a conversation with ProAdvisorCoach, Joshua Greco. With the Mindscan assessment that his coaching practice employs, his clients get a view of their greatest cognitive abilities that are often hidden for various reasons, in turn leading to more immediate business results achieved. Through this understanding, Coach Josh helps folks build better neural connections through a combination of psychology and planning to achieve lasting transformation and accelerated results.

Joshua Greco is a Mindscan-certified business coach for individuals and leadership teams. With over a decade of business development experience in the Logistics and Construction industries, Joshua brings a passion to develop people professionally, personally, and spiritually.

He moved to Charlotte, NC in 2011 in pursuit of new perspectives after completing his formal education at SUNY Fredonia, and now splits his time between Charlotte and Western New York.

His career path naturally led him to ProAdvisorCoach where he combines his business development background with his natural affinity to tap into the best of people even before they see it themselves.

Contact Info:

Joshua Greco
Phone: (716) 523-9742
Email: joshua@proadvisorcoach.com
Website: www.proadvisorcoach.com

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