Episode 25: Growing Companies Need Growing People

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Your company is growing. Are your people? Do you worry that your key leaders may leave and join the great resignation? In this episode of Digital Connections your host Nancee Johnson speaks with David McGlennen, president of Impact Leadership Consulting. It is possible to play the infinite game of business while designing a culture that strengthens your people and improves the health of your organization. Investing in your people is also one of the best investments you can make into your brand. David stops by to share some of the success strategies that help business owners create a growing company with a high performing team that no one ever wants to leave.

David McGlennen is the president of Impact Leadership Consulting, which was created in 2015. He helps public and private companies alike to play the infinite game of business by creating culture by design and strengthening the bench of emerging leaders and improving their organizational health.

The company built the Emerging Leader Inner Circle, which has now expanded to the Growing Leader and Executive Leader Inner Circles which impacts leaders from around the world.

David is a business growth guide who helps leaders integrate their desire for high performance, achievement and growth while focusing on the things they value most.

As an entrepreneur and family business owner for most of his life, he’s made mistakes and yet loves getting out of his comfort zone to learn and grow.

He has coached and trained leaders around the world as far north as the Arctic Circle and has shared the stage with John C. Maxwell while training leaders in Paraguay, South America.

Contact Info:
David McGlennen
Impact Leadership Consulting
(412) 475-9288
Website: davidmcglennen.com
In the Growth Space Podcast: davidmcglennen.com/podcast


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