Episode 26: Making an Impact with Mentorship

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Do you have an advisory board for your small business? Do you know the quickest way to build one? Mentoring is a wonderful way to find those people that can help you build a successful business, providing guidance, learning, and direction.

Upnotch is a mentorship app for executives, entrepreneurs and rising stars. With the rich data algorithms that Upnotch uses to attract top-notch mentors, they can help find the perfect match for you. Joining your host Nancee Johnson, Upnotch co-founder, Tatia Zulouga stops by to talk about the benefits of great mentorship and how you can build successful relationships through this new app.

Over the last 10 years at IntellectSpace, Tatia Zulouga has been responsible for developing products that help organizations engage with customers, donors, alumni, and constituents.

One of the pioneering solutions that Tatia is most proud of is LiveAlumni. They have over 800 Higher Education clients and have worked hard to ensure exponential growth year after year. Having worked closely with Universities, she saw an overwhelming interest in mentorships from the next wave of entrepreneurs and industry leaders looking for guidance as they step into new executive roles. As Co-Founder of Upnotch, her goal is to help individuals build their personal advisory boards of people they can trust.

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