Episode 29: Avoiding Business Burnout

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You’ve been working 12 hour days, burning the candle at both ends. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, and your business is paying the price. As business owners and entrepreneurs, business burnout is all too real. How do you recognize before it gets to this point? Can it be avoided? Once you’re in it, how do you get out? On this episode of Digital Connections, host Nancee Johnson invites previous guest, Zovig Garboushain of Boldness Ablaze Coaching back to the show for some great tips to keep the train on the tracks, and continue building your company without the nasty side effects of business burnout.

Zovig Garboushian, founder of Boldness Ablaze Coaching, is an executive, leadership, and career coach and she focuses on helping women go after what they want boldly and unapologetically. She works with high-performing women and partners with organizations to support and advance their women in leadership. She started her career with 15 years as a marketer after which she pivoted to career development, organizational effectiveness, and in 2019, launched her own coaching practice, Boldness Ablaze.

Her certifications and training are multi-disciplined and range from communications to team dynamics, change management to personal development, psychology to yoga. Her clients say she has x-ray vision and can see through the muck to get right to the heart of the issue. The key to her success is that you can never have enough self-compassion.

Zovig Garboushian
Boldness Ablaze Coaching
(917) 207-1765

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