Episode 34: Failure-Proof Your Business from the Inside Out

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Any new business owner should have to be screened before they make a choice to open a business. The test should have one question: Do you love rollercoasters? If the answer is yes, then you meet the height requirement and you can be allowed on the ride. For most of us, though, the reality is that no one asked, and now we’re on the ride. Will you survive, and is it possible to actually enjoy the ride?

In this episode of Digital Connections, coach Marjika Kemble, founder of Marijke Ocean stops by to fill us in on a few secrets to help business owners improve the journey. Her method allows entrepreneurs to see the bigger picture and make lasting changes to a path of success in their businesses.

Marijke Kemble is the founder of Marijke Ocean – a coaching practice guiding leaders who are committed to their work being a source of personal & professional growth.

Marijke worked in corporate, executive leadership roles for over 15 years – first in financial services & then later as the President of a Sales & Marketing start-up.

In addition to being a Certified Wayfinder Coach, Marijke has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University where she took graduate level coursework in organizational behavior, Buddhism, and public policy. She’s also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Mentor & Teacher – which she integrates into her coaching work whenever it is appropriate. She has an MBA, she’s a mom to two young daughters (age 6 and 9), a recovering perfectionist, and an office supply connoisseur.

Contact Info:

Marijke Kemble
Marijke Ocean
Website: https://www.marijkeocean.com
Email: marijke@marijkeocean.com

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