Episode 36: Cut the C.R.A.P. and Accelerate Success

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Today we’re talking about giving up your life for the life of your company. More specifically, we are talking about how to get out of the cycle of suck that can sometimes occur to lone business owners. We may be making a living, but our lives are paying a high price.

You may have started off loving what you do. You may work really hard every day to move towards success, but in the end it might feel like you are just spinning your wheels.

Sandy Rutherford with Inspired Destinies stops by Digital Connection to share her formula to cut the C.R.A.P. (Counterproductive Really Asinine Programming) to find real, lasting success not just in our businesses, but life in general.

Sandy Rutherford is a Success Mindset Coach and Founder of Inspired Destinies. Taught and mentored by legendary Bob Proctor – the top success and prosperity teacher in the world – Sandy teaches you how to create an accelerated pathway to success through a proven, simple and powerfully effective roadmap in an environment of support, hands-on guidance and accountability.

Through the innovative and life-changing programs at Inspired Destinies, including its renowned Unstoppable Success System, entrepreneurs and professionals hungry for breakthrough success are able to cut the C.R.A.P. and dramatically accelerate their success.

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Sandy Rutherford
Inspired Destinies
Email: sandy@inspireddestinies.com
Website: inspireddestinies.com

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