Kurt Von Ahnen with Mañana No Mas!


Kurt Von Ahnen was raised on the east coast, outside of Philadelphia, and the product of a single-parent household, Kurt survived cancer and escaped to the West – settling in Colorado. After a few false starts and 13 years in Colorado, Kurt moved his family to New Mexico for seven years, where Mañana No Mas! was born.

Serving a group of start-ups with digital marketing, and having authored a book in the automotive industry, Mañana No Mas! found Ducati North America as its cornerstone client. That led to a decade of corporate work, with Mañana No Mas! relaunching at the beginning of 2020.

Contact Info:
Kurt Von Ahnen
Website: manananomas.com
Email: kurt@manananomas.com
Phone: (323) 418-2377


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