Taryn Laakso with Unlaaking Your Potential


Taryn Laakso is passionate about igniting a spark in her clients to play a bigger game in their life. She speaks on topics such as positive mindset, mental well-being, leadership, and empowerment based on the Positive Intelligence ™ model.

Prior to launching her coaching career, she had a 20+ year tenure in the corporate HR world. She boldly left her corporate job to launch her own coaching business days before the global pandemic shut everything down. However, with her resilient mindset, she was able to quickly pivot her plan. Taryn’s commitment to herself and her vision has created a 6-figure coaching business within 18 months as a full-time business owner. This is empowered leadership!

Taryn’s superpower is inspiring and supporting professionals to strategically plan their next career shift. She helps clients move from a state of frustration to inspiration. Through group and private coaching, Taryn provides strategies to unlock her client’s Superpowers. Discover your superpower!

Contact Info:
Taryn Laakso
Unlaaking Your Potential
(206) 310-9409

Listen to her podcast episode: Brain Bullies Blocking Your Business Potential