Randa Hoffman from Radiant Wealth Planning

July 9, 2021

Randa Hoffman is the owner, an independent financial planner, and fee-only fiduciary at Radiant Wealth Planning, a financial planning and investment management firm exclusively for women. She helps ease the uncertainty around retirement, tax planning, and transitioning wealth so that women can live a life they’ve always dreamt of. She holds an MBA and EA,…

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Joshua Alexander, the Seattle Voice Actor

July 2, 2021
Joshua Alexander

By his own admission, Joshua is super! Here is a guy who takes his business seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. Josh is a prolific blogger and author, maintaining “The Voice Actor Blog”: a hilarious and Dave Barry-influenced satirical look at life through the eyes of a voiceover talent, and The Super Voiceover Artist…

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Jon Browning & Chad Fuller from Global Mentor Initiative

June 24, 2021

Global Mentorship Initiative is a nonprofit organization that provides guidance and business skills to underserved college students through online mentorship. GMI was created from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Initiative to help prepare students for their first career job using a training model that makes it easy to be a great mentor without a significant…

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Doug Peterson from Get Priorities Straight

June 16, 2021

Doug Peterson has owned 8 businesses and in 2001, he began coaching and mentoring high-income earners to improve business results and find more satisfaction in life. Doug noticed that several of his mentoring clients had achieved success in their field, however their personal finances were affecting their health, marriage and/or business. He started Get Priorities…

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Claire Jones from Liminal Clarity

June 9, 2021

Claire Jones is a consultant and strategist that has worked with small businesses for over 15 years. As someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle to build a sustainable business, her mission is to act as your trusted guide so that you can create the right schedules, marketing strategies, processes, and systems to…

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PJ Glassey from X Gym

June 2, 2021

PJ started personal training in 1987, while finishing his degree in Exercise Science, and grew his business successfully for the following 11 years, training clients out of their homes and local area gyms. With these clients’ help as test subjects, PJ invented his “multi-method” concept and then had to scale himself by opening the X…

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Mainsail Financial Group

May 26, 2021

As a team, Mainsail Financial Group strongly believes in goal-based planning. We know that proper planning is an ongoing process and a relationship-driven activity. As the winds of life shift, a proactive approach is needed to maintain the correct heading. We take pride in building a long-lasting relationship that evolves into a dual role of…

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Gabriel & Kelly Shields from Benu Creative

May 10, 2021

Most businesses struggle to define their brand. Gabriel and Kelly Shields help businesses discover who they are to develop a brand that’s authentic to them, creating loyalty and trust with their audience and people. As a husband and wife team, they understand how a successful business is like a successful marriage — it requires two…

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Jan Claesson from the Entrepreneur’s Source

May 4, 2021

As a Swedish university student, Jan went to the French Riviera for the summer. There he met his wife who was from Seattle. They got married in Seattle then lived in Sweden for 3 years. They moved to the US in the early 1980’s where Jan joined Eli Lilly’s medical device division. In his third…

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Tina Mitchell from One-Time Your Business

April 29, 2021

Tina Mitchell has been in the mortgage industry for 25 years and has been recognized in the top 1% Nationwide. She is highly committed to education and has designed mortgage software. Tina is the founder and owner of Mortgage Triangle Software, available to mortgage professionals throughout the country. With Tina’s mortgage reputation in the real…

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