Episode 7: Time Hacks & Mind Hacks for Fast Fitness

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It’s all connected. Your business with your health and your health with your business. Taking care of your health is just as important as calling back your customers, and paying your taxes. Because if you stop doing either, you’re not going to have a business for long. It’s also the cheapest alternative to expensive health care scenarios like extended hospital stays and overpriced doctor’s visits, which your business has neither the time or money for. In this episode, Nancee is joined by PJ Glassey owner of XGym, home of the 21-Minute Workout, done just twice a week for fast and safe fitness results. This technique helps lower stress and produces amazing results for busy people looking for brain and body fitness they can use in the real world to enjoy life more.

Our guest on the podcast today is PJ Glassey, the owner of XGym in Kirkland, WA.

PJ started personal training in 1987, while finishing his degree in Exercise Science, and grew his business successfully for the following 11 years, training clients out of their homes and local area gyms. With these clients’ help as test subjects, PJ invented his “multi-method” concept and then had to scale himself by opening the X Gym in 1998.

Since 1987, PJ has spent hours each week studying the current research to continually improve the X Gym methods.

PJ is an exercise scientist, biohacker, physiologist, and author. His hobbies include Jeeping and flying small planes as a private pilot.

He credits his success to following the principles of Jesus Christ, as best he can, in his personal life and business.

PJ Glassey
(425) 822-9496

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