Episode 1: Why the pandemic didn’t kill my client’s businesses with Ryan Kelly from WSI Smart Marketing

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What is Digital Connections? What kind of show is this and what can you expect to find? Who should be listening?

Over the past year, our world has rapidly increased it’s online presence. If you weren’t already online, you probably are now. In this first episode of Digital Connections, your host, digital marketer, Nancee Johnson is joined by Ryan Kelly from WSI, one of the world’s largest global network of digital marketing agencies. We’ll talk about why digital marketing is so important to you and your business, and how to get started if you’re not already there.

Our Guest on the podcast today is Ryan Kelly from WSI Smart Marketing.

Ryan Kelly is a principal and the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategist for WSI Smart Marketing. Ryan has 13 years of highly successful sales and marketing experience in Internet solutions and sales. He has assisted countless companies in developing and achieving profitable business strategies and goals through advanced online digital marketing solutions.

Although he has a passion for digital marketing, he especially loves the speaking, teaching and mentoring aspects of his work. Ryan’s experience in marketing, sales, and training keep him in high demand as a speaker. He has been invited as a guest lecturer at Sonoma State University and has spoken at such venues as the WSI Global Conference in Montreal, QC, as well as WSI Regional Conferences throughout the United States.

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